Matlab UTM to Spherical Coordinates Conversion

Posted on Feb 25, 2010 By : Admin Ragamagz
Coordinate transformations are used to bring spatial data into a common reference system. For instance spatial data that are related to the Lambert Conformal Conical projection system may need to be transformed to UTM coordinates if the UTM projection is the common reference system used.

Application of projection change (incl. datum transformation), some transformation programs, however, only include the equations that relate to a sphere.

Gabriel Ruiz had solved this UTM to Spherical transfomation for Matlab user. With little GUI allows Matlab's user convert UTM coordinates to spherical coordinates. This Matlab Code for UTM to Spherical released suitable for MATLAB 6.5 (R13). The File consist of Syntax, Input, Output, Notes, Referencies.

Download the Code Here. For more Info from the author visit Gabriel Ruiz's note in Mathwork site

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