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Videogrammetry is a measurement technology in which the three-dimensional coordinates of points on an object are determined by measurements made in two or more video images taken from different angles. Images can be obtained from two cameras which simultaneously view the object or from successive images captured by the same camera with a view of the object. Videogrammetry is typically used in manufacturing.

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has been developed as a practical low-cost method of measuring motion in 3D using COTS hardware. Standard consumer digital camcorders are used in stereo to film moving targets and then the targets are tracked and their positions calculated using custom software. Applications demonstrated include:

  • Monitor aircraft movements at an airfield
  • Measure the motion of plants in wind
  • Measure the gait of patients
  • Track airflow in a wind tunnel using tracers
  • Monitor disturbances to a suspended target
Calibration algorithms are used to measure the camera’s position and attitude (pose) relative to a set of reference points. These can also be used to provide position and attitude data for vision-based navigation systems. The software can be used with dedicated machine vision hardware to achieve higher frame rates or for real-time applications.

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