Geomatics Engineering

Posted on Aug 18, 2007 By : Mizake Laziaf
Geomatics Engineering is a rapidly developing discipline that focuses on spatial information (i.e. information that has a location). The location is the primary factor used to integrate a very wide range of data for viewing and analysis. Geomatics Engineers apply engineering principles to spatial information and implement relational data structures involving measurement sciences, thus using Geomatics and acting as Spatial Information Engineers. Geomatics engineers manage local, regional, national and global spatial data infrastructures.

Geomatics Engineering uses terrestrial, marine, airborne and spacecraft sensors that are referenced to a national, highly accurate and globally consistent, three-dimensional spatial reference frame to acquire data for a wide range of applications. The same techniques used for in vehicle map navigation can be applied in the fields of navigation and transport, and in retailing, urban planning and management of the environment. The common feature linking these fields is their reliance on geospatial data; and owing to the extraordinary growth in the information technology sector these data are being acquired and stored in ever-increasing quantities. Graduates skilled in the management of geospatial data are highly sought after in all fields dealing with this explosive growth of data.

Areas of study may include geographical information systems, remote sensing, geodesy, approximation and estimation theory, global positioning systems, computer aided cartography, land surveying, geodetic surveys, aerial photography, data mining, photogrammetry and digital terrain modelling/analysis, spatial analysis, resource modelling, spatial data storage, high-resolution satellite imagery, web-based mapping, Internet data dissemination, data integration, mobile computing data visualization, image processing and high speed data transmission.

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