Photogrammetry Work Stage and Data

Posted on Jul 8, 2007 By : Mizake Laziaf
Pre Survey Photogrametry

This work covers:
  • Planning of Coverage, Scale dan Tracks
  • Select the aircraft and camera
  • Select the Locations for Ground Control Points
GCP could be selected in pre/post survey.
In pre-survey, GCP could be premarked.
In post-survey, GCP must be selected in visible and measureable places (terrestric & on photo).
  • Do the Aerial photogrphy

Post Survey Photogrammetry

This work covers:
  • Aerial Triangulation (geometric correction and orientation a photo blocs with hundreds of photo simultaneously)
  • Photogrammetric Compilation (interpretation)
  • Map Editing
  • Field Check (ground truth)
  • Cartographic Finishing
  • Printing (Offset)

Data for Photogrammetry Work

Overlapped Aerial photo (diapositif) to get 3D information wich is necessary to correct the geometry in hilly area.

Information of flight tracks (flight-plan)

Orientation data:
- Camera calibration information
- Ground control point with the sketch and description for each point

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