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Posted on Sep 27, 2008 By : Admin Ragamagz
Cartographic Perspectives on the doom of Web Mapping
Andrew Turner talks about an article "Maps and the Internet: What a Mess It Is and How to Fix It" in the magazine Cartographic Perspectives...

State CIOs on Governance of Geospatial Resources
Andres refers to a report "Governance of Geospatial Resources: "Where's the Data? Show Me" - Maximizing the Investment in State Geospatial Resources."

Ground-Breaking Music Video made without cameras, film or lights
The alternative British rock group RADIOHEAD and their new release, "House of Cards" music video is the first ever to be premiered by Google, also the first live action music video to be shot without the use of any cameras, film or lights, but instead only using lasers and scanners providing the 3D background - the same technology which we use for 3D DEMs...

Yahoo! Geo Technologies
we’ve attempted to solve one of the real bugbears of geographic indexing: how do you uniquely identify places in a uniform and consistent manner? We’re talking geotagging here...

Google Want to be TeleAtlas

Google have launched MapMaker, a kind of faux OpenStreetMap where they own all the data and you’re only allowed to map in certain Freedom Of Speech Zones...

Continental Drift On The High Plains?
The western image is offset at least 10 meters north of the eastern image, especially noticeable in the offsets along the canal and the road ...

Google Street View in the UK? / Crowd Sourcing for Commercial Gain
The main issue is with the UK's privacy laws where people cannot be photographed without consent if the output is to be used for commercial gain...

Webcast of Geospatial Web Services workshop available online
"I thought to share this information with you as i believe technologies like webcasting and podcasting will help in widening participation...

Volcanic ash plumes in Google Earth
Here's a really nice application of Google Earth for visualizing ash plumes and directing aircraft around them, from Pete Webley, University of Alaska Volcano Observatory:

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