Tips to ReefGIS – Reefs from Space

Posted on Jul 17, 2008 By : Admin Ragamagz

Reefs from Space is one of the maps featured in ReefGIS where it stores a comprehensive collection of NASA Astronaut Photographs taken for coral reefs areas that are overlaid with 3 optional background global maps (World Map, NASA Blue Marble and SeaWiFS Bathymetry).

With a collection of 1,490 coral reef images, its repository of images has become the basis for a new Internet-based library for the Millennium Coral Reef Project. Together with another large selection of digital/digitized photographs of coral reef areas taken by astronauts on board the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, ReefGIS users will be able to query for more information and data relating to the selected reef areas globally.

Still None Awesome so far » Be the 1st Awesome to Tips to ReefGIS – Reefs from Space

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