GIS and Ecological Modeling

Posted on May 19, 2008 By : Mizake Laziaf

In previous post, I tell you about BioMapper as . Today is time for some that relate to ecological modelling and GIS as a tool. The following infos will give us what and how GIS in Ecological field work or inversely.

Ecological modelling in GIS

I choose this articel of Peter van Horssen from Department of Environmental Studies
University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands to learn what and how is GIS used in Ecological Modelling ;

An existing non-spatial logistic regression model (Barendregt, 1993) has been modified and implemented in a GIS as a step towards landscape ecological modeling of a wetland area. The model can calculate responses for 102 plant species in marsh ecosystems to spatially variable environmental conditions. Input variables derive from existing maps or from interpolation between point measurements. The output is a map of ecological groups. These maps are validated by records on absence and presence of species of these ecological groups.

Ecological Modelling Resource Home Page

I always use link in unbc for update info of Ecological Modelling Resource. this is compiled and Updated by the students of Ecological Modelling (Environmental Studies 406) which for more information or to report error is managed by : Dr. Joe Ackerman adressed Tel (250) 960 - 5839-Fax (250) 960 - 5539, or mail

As an Ecological Modelling Resource homepage, the page have tons links info about Ecological Modelling Resource relate to GIS as a Tools. The main Links I will give bellow including;

    • General Aspects of Ecological Modelling
    • Societies Related to Ecological Modelling
    • Ecological Modelling University Home Pages
    • Literature Related to Ecological Modelling
      • (i) Books and Journals Related to Ecological Modelling
      • (ii) Reports Related to Ecological Modelling
    • Ecological Modelling Resources:
      • (i) Software Related to Ecological Modelling
      • ii) Ecological Resources:
      • ii) Ecological Resources:
    • Examples of Ecological Models:
      • (i) Ecological Models
      • (ii) Spatial Models
      • (iii) Environmental Models
      • (iv) Oceanographic Models
      • (v) Chaos Models



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