Operations Concept for Digital Elevation Model Data in ECS

Posted on Mar 25, 2008 By : Mizake Laziaf

This document is an operations concept for Digital Elevation Model and auxiliary parameter data to be archived and distributed by the Earth Observing System Core System (ECS). The data will be stored in the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) and will be derived from binary inputs, supplied by the Eros Data Center (EDC). The data will be in both one km. and 100m resolutions and will cover the surface of the earth. Access software to this data will be provided by ECS as part of the Science Data Processing toolkit. Upgrades to the data will be provided periodically by EDC and will be approximately once per year. (jp)

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Technical Paper Info:

  • Contact: EDHS Administrator ( Landover_EDHSadmin@raytheon.com )
  • Document Number: 162-WP-003-001
  • Document Date: 3/99
  • Document Type: White-Paper
  • Curator: Kim Partida-Runge
    Responsible NASA Official: Curt Schroeder
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