Free Geomatica GeoRaster Loader for Oracle 10g and 11g

Posted on Feb 2, 2008 By : Mizake Laziaf

Richmond Hill, Ontario  January 22, 2008: PCI Geomatics, a world-leading developer of software and solutions for geospatial imaging applications, is pleased to announce the release and free availability of Geomatica GeoRaster Loader, a desktop product used to load image data and associated metadata into Oracle 10g and 11g.

Geomatica GeoRaster Loader is a scaled down version of PCI Geomatics GeoRaster ETL loading technology. The GeoRaster Loader loads single images and has no transform capability, whereas the GeoRaster ETL allows for the batch processing of a collection of imagery and offers the ability to transform the imagery prior to loading.

With GeoRaster Loader, image data is extracted from over 50 raster file formats and loaded into the Oracle Spatial database as a GeoRaster object. Associated image metadata is loaded into the fields in the table containing the GeoRaster. There are no image size restrictions in Geomatica GeoRaster Loader.
The Geomatica GeoRaster Loader application offers complete access to the GeoRaster storage options, with no subsequent operations required.

Source : pcigeomatics via GISDevelopment


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