Leica GeoSystems Becomes Strategic Member of OGC

Posted on Jan 29, 2008 By : Mizake Laziaf

Upgraded membership reflects the company's understanding of their diverse clients' needs for standards-based geospatial data management solutions and comes in the wake of acquisition of eMapSite supplier ER Mapper and Ionic

Standards based interoperability is a key requirement in solving complex problems that involve sharing spatial data and processing resources and managing the lifecycle of enterprise data. Leica Geosystems provides image processing, GIS, exploitation and sensor expertise to the larger industry community, collaborating with many partners to provide customers with comprehensive, multi-vendor, fully interoperable enterprise solutions.

Strategic members contribute to the OGC process at the highest to realise the full societal, economic and scientific benefits of integrating electronic location resources into commercial and institutional processes worldwide.

Bob Morris, President & CEO, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging said “Through acquisitions and development, we are continuing to expand our portfolio with new standards-based geospatial technology, equipping us to contribute innovation, knowledge and leadership to the OGC.”


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