CAPS: Free Remote Sensing Software

Posted on Jan 14, 2008 By : Mizake Laziaf
CAPS is an extension of Tcl/Tk for processing AVHRR, and ATSR-2 GBT satellite data. CAPS can also display and reproject MODIS, MISR and ASTER data. It is used with NAP, which is another extension that provides general array processing and HDF netCDF and binary I/O facilities.

CSIRO is making this software available to facilitate the development of Remote Sensing Science and the processing of other geotemporal data.
The development of CAPS was supported by the CSIRO Earth Observation Center, Mathematical and Information Sciences, Marine Research and Atmospheric Research. We also acknowledge the support of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Western Australian Department of Land Administration, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Curtin University of Technology, the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources.

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