GIS for Coastal Zone Management

Posted on Jul 1, 2007 By : Mizake Laziaf


Increasingly used to analyze and manage marine and coastal zones, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) provide a powerful set of tools for integrating and processing spatial information. These technologies are increasingly used in the management and analysis of the coastal zone. Supplying the guidance necessary to use these tools, GIS for Coastal Zone Management explores key technical, theoretical, and applications issues. Drawing on the practical experience of experts in the field, the book discusses recent developments and specific applications.

A comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date overview of the state-of-the-art in coastal zone GIS applications, this down-to-earth and practical book puts the science in a management context. The chapters present groundbreaking coastal applications of GIS based decision support tools, spatial data infrastructures, remote sensing technology including LiDAR and CASI, and more. Covering a broad range of topics by international experts, the logical organization supplies a flow and structure to the entire book that makes the information not only easily accessible but immediately applicable.

  • Reviews recent developments in the use of GIS technologies in coastal environments
  • Extends the concept of spatial data infrastructures into and across the coastal zone, laying the foundation for this key development
  • Presents a truly international perspective with contributions from scientists in countries across five continents including the UK, France, the US, Canada, Nigeria, India, Australia, Ireland, and Korea
  • Emphasizes the changing role of GIS/RS in integrated coastal zone management
  • Showcases information systems that integrate a human component, focus on sustainable development, or incorporate change and uncertainty with a holistic approach
Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Bridging the Land-Sea Divide Through Digital Techologies
  • A Comparative Study of Shoreline Mapping Techniques
  • Monitoring Coastal Environments Using Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Spatial Uncertainty in Marine and Coastal GIS
  • New Directions for Coastal and Marine Monitoring: Web Mapping and Mobile Application Technologies
  • Exploring the Optimum Spatial Resolution for Satellite Imagery: a Coastal Area Case Study
  • Visualisation for Coastal Zone Management
  • Application of a Decision Support System in the Development of a Hydrodynamic Model for a Coastal Area
  • Decision-Making in the Coastal Zone using Hydrodynamic Modelling with a GIS interface
  • Towards an Institutional GIS for the Iroise Sea (France)
  • Culture Intermixing, the Diffusion of GIS and its Application to Coastal Management in Developing Countries
  • The Use of GIS to Enhance Communications of Cultural and Natural Resources and Contamination, J.A. Lindsay
  • GIS Applications in Coastal Management: A View from the Developing World
  • High-Resolution Elevation and Image Data Within the Bay of Fundy Coastal Zone, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Mapping and Analysing Historical Shoreline Changes Using GIS
  • GIS for Assessing Land-Based Activities that Pollute Coastal Environments
  • Applying the Geospatial Technologies to Estuary Environments
  • A Territorial Information System (TIS) for the Management of the Seine Estuary - Environmental and Management Applications
  • Developing and Environmental Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas for the West Greenland Coastal Zone
  • Environment Canada's Atlantic Sensitivity Mapping Program
  • Epilogue: Addressing the Challenge of Integrated Coastal Zone Management

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