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Posted on May 5, 2007 By : Mizake Laziaf
What are the quantities and units used in radiometry?

Radiometric units can be divided into two conceptual areas: those having to do with power or energy, and those that are geometric in nature. The first two are :

Energy is an SI derived unit, measured in joules (J). The recommended symbol for energy is Q. An acceptable alternate is W.

Power (a.k.a. radiant flux) is another SI derived unit. It is the derivative of energy with respect to time, dQ/dt, and the unit is the watt (W). The recommended symbol for power is F (the uppercase Greek letter phi). An acceptable alternate is P.

Energy is the integral over time of power, and is used for integrating detectors and pulsed sources. Power is used for non-integrating detectors and continuous sources. Even though we patronize the power utility, what we are actually buying is energy in more about them"

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