GIS Basic : Layers in GIS

Posted on May 5, 2007 By : Mizake Laziaf
GIS Basic : Layers in GIS courtesy by Virginia Place

Layers in the Fort Vancouver GIS database capture a point in time – of a historic building, an archaeological excavation, a landscape feature – or all three. However, it is possible to see change over time by displaying the layers as a series of such events. The Historic Buildings example shows how we can see the changes in use of one area of the Vancouver Barracks from 1869 to 1904. The Archaeology example shows a series of excavations at the Sale Shop inside the Fort Stockade from 1952 to 2001

GIS Data Layers EXAMPLE - Virginia Provided

If you have a computer with Geographic Information System (GIS) software, you can obtain digitized data at the following locations:

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